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Post Saying: Congrats Ruffa Mae Quinto For Finishing Magna Cum Laude In AB Economics- Is This True?

Viral now in social media is the recent news with regards to the actress Ruffa Mae Quinto finishing Mag Cum Laude in AB Economic.

Quinto is an actress who popularized the catch phrase “Todo Nato” and becomes the iconic “Super B” in the movie.

Many are amazed on the news knowing the actress finish her profession as a Magna Cum Laude secondary to Zoma Cum Laude.

Here is the picture showing Ruffa Mae in toga with medal:

Ruffa Mae Quinto

Actually some sources says it is a fake news saying the actress educational attainment is just a high school graduate, but other believe that this reports are true knowing that the actress is actually intellegent.

But a post posted by “Mattcho Aarron falsified the claim and labelled the news fake.


To our dear readers as a reminders education is a stepping stone to success but this is not a measurement to become successful in the end.

It is your hard work, consistency, patience and maintain a good with positive attitude.

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