Watch Raffy Tulfo In Action: “Pag May Alak May Balak” Elmer Binza Take Advantage Of Brothers Wife While Drunked


#Pag may alak may balak”, this is will be the case to be tackled by Wanted Sa Radyo wherein Andrea Bituin goes to the program to file a complaint against Elmer Binza by taking advantage of her while she is drunked.

In Andrea statement she narrated while she is drunk she decided to go home and Elmer presented himself to escort Andrea after they arrived Elmber then started his dark intentions towards Andrea by r@p1ng her.

Idol Raffy called the attention of Elmer and admitted he carnally touched Andrea and defended it is because he is under the influence of alcohol, he also ask for apology for what happened during that day.

Atty. Garreth says this is a ground for r@p3 in accordance of law wherein a man engaged in a carnal knowledge to a woman while under the influence of alcoholic drugs.

Meanwhile the husband is asked what is his possible actions towards what happened and replied he waive the decision to decide to his wife.


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