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Watch Raffy Tulfo In Action: Viral Video Delivery Rider Reynaldo Mena Harrassed By Arrogant Customer Jhonmike Pascual

In the later of Wanted Sa Radyo “Sumbong At Aksyon” the program caters a viral video wherein a delivery rider named Reynaldo Mena allegedly harassed by an arrogant customer.

Wanted Sa Radyo is a public affairs program that caters issues regarding in family disputes, local community disturbances, politics and other concerns that can cause discomfort to the people around the community.

In the video you can notices the heated argument between both sides and the origin of the problem is the wrong direction, the customer then throws harsh words to the delivery rider.

The video tagged RTIA and know what really happen, some netizens lambasted the actions of the customer for showing no respect for elderly.

Even though customer is always right, but to show respect to other person is more humane.

Meanwhile let us watch the full video to know more about the story and you decide our dear readers where to side:

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