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ADSP React To Controversial Tililing Movie Poster ”Even us patients & professionals don’t use this word”

Anxiety and Depression Support Philippines advocates give their comments in response to the controversial ”Tililing” movie poster ”Even us patients and the professionals don’t use this word” which they found over exaggerated

Here is ADSP reactions regarding ”Tililing” movie poster

In the Tililing movie poster we can witness 6 lead artists namely Baron Geisler, Gena Pareño, Chad Kinis, Donnalyn Bartolome, Candy Pangilinan, and Yumi Lacsamana, portraying in the photo a stereotype kind of thinking how people thought on someone who suffered from metal health incapability

Wherein actress Liza Soberano expresses her contradiction in tweets against the poster quoting ”Really hoping that this movie will spread awareness and enlighten us on the struggles of dealing with mental health. But this poster? Its a no for me”

Meanwhile, in contrary to the Tililing movie poster, ADSP advocates are also posted a recreated version of Tliling poster featuring non showbiz personality having normal facial expressions

The recreated poster is telling us to stop imposing discrimination in our mindset on how we look people who have mental health incapability but instead let us show compassion and humility in one another

Through social media platforms, ADSP are campaigning to anyone to stop popularizing the word ”Tililing”

”Even the government is careful in addressing the people with mental health struggles. Wag natin pausuhin”

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