Actor Star Robin Padilla Rushed To The Hospital Due To Dizziness And Rise Of Blood Pressure


Famous action star Robin Padilla rushed to the hospital at New Era General Hospital due to dizziness and rise up of blood pressure.

The actor feels unwell while working as a delivery rider which he experience super hot temperature which causes his bp to rise up 140/100 considered to be stage to hypertension.

Hypertension occurs when a normal person bp elevated from 120/80 its normal range.

Padilla quoted ““Isang malalim na pagpupugay sa mga delivery riders. “Sa sobrang babad sa init kanina nahilo ako kaya kagyat ako nagpunta sa new era general hospital at nagpa check up”.

Due to pandemic many celebrities become jobless and some tried to their best to make up something to earn a living.

It is reported that Robin already exhausted his money and what they are using now is his the money intended for his child educational program.

As of now the actor is been resting to lower down his bp and taking medicines to maintain his blood pressure normal range.

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