Watch: Rapper Icon “Raf Devis” To Face Criminal Charges After Girlfriend Filed A Case Against Him Due To This Reason


Joshua Raphael G. Davis A.K.A Raf Devis. A well known personality in the filed of rap as well as a song writer and a vlogger

Davis was known for his famous rap song entitled Chinita, Neneng B, Solid So Lit, Walwal, GTA, Wag Ka Sanang Lumayo, Hit Me up and many more

But recently a certain issue against him was raoming in social media community as his girlfriend named Nina Querol posted a photo of her having a swelling face ranting that she was physically abuse by Davis

Querol also posted a video of her together with Davis which we can witness how the rap icon was outragely pointing out his finger and threaten Querol

Later on, their issue was brought up by Robert Querol father of Nina Querol to Raffy Tulfo in Action program to ask help and to file complaint against the rapper icon Davis

According to the open up statement of Robert, at first her daughter Nina was too afraid to tell him about her worst situation that she was being molested and abuse by Davis

Until her wife told him everything about their daughter’s situation with Davis. Knowing the story Robert was so angry and immediately confronted Davis through phone call but David fires back by threatening Robert and his family

Davis is also sending death threats to Robert through chat messages and as well as sending nude photos to Nina

After hearing Robert and Nina’s Querol statement. Raffy Tulfo immediately called the attention of Atty. Garreth Tungol of what possible case may file to rapper Raf Davis

According to Atty. Garreth, the possible criminal case to be filed against the rapper are Violence agaist Women and Children, Safe Spaces Act “RA 11313 Bawal Bastos Law”, and Grave Threat

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