VIRAL NOW: #Feeling Single Bea Borres Exposed Her Cheating Boyfriend “Nathan Kia Kuzon” Know The Full Story Here


Trending now on social media is the recent cheating story of Bea Borres and her cheating boyfriend Nathan Kai Kuzon.

Bea Borres former co-star of Andrea Brillantes and Francine Prieto in the hit series “Kadenang Ginto” also a famous Youtuber.

It is proven that beauty does not guarantee that your partner will not cheat because the temptation is everywhere but an exception for those that were faithful to their respective partners.

According to the issue the other girl confesses to Borres that she and her boyfriend make love with each other but clarifies she asks Nathan if he is single and said “Yes”.

Borres stated the other girl tells the truth frankly to her, stating she is innocent.

On the other hand, Nathan remains mum on the issue and is expected to tell his side soon to prove his point and to clear his name as well.

To know more about the issue kindly watch the full video here, and let us know your thoughts regarding the issue.

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