CAUSE OF DEATH: Veteran Actress Cherrie Gil Dies At 59 Years Old


Veteran Actress Cherrie Gil Dies at 59 years old according to a reliable source.

Evangeline Gil Eigenman is the daughter of Eddie Mesa and Rosemarie Gil, siblings of Mark Gil and Micheal De Mesa.

According to Annabel Rama the actress died this August 4 but the reason of death is not yet disclosed.

But some speculated that the actress is suffering from cancer and undergone series of chemotherapy that is why people can notice she shave her hair.

Other reason is Gil takes a hiatus from showbiz and go abroad to continue her medical procedure to cure her illness.

However the family of the actress does not tell what really happen as part of their privacy.

Cherrie is known notably for her contrabida role in movie.

Condolence to the bereave family and stay tuned for more update.

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