VIRAL NOW: Road Rage Between Driver Of Modernized And Old PUJ Amid Passenger Issue


BACOLOD CITY, viral now in social media is the road rage between a modernized and old puj drivers regarding passenger loading issue.

Flashback: The city had been almost completely on its campaign to modernized all puj in the vicinity and the old models will be completely phase out.

There are some operators now engaging their modernized vehicles available to public but there are problems arises regarding to issue of being favored by the passengers wherein the public preferred to ride in new puj which makes the old puj drivers becomes enraged.

In the video you can witness the stand off of two drivers which the old puj driver forces the passenger to go down and ride his puj.

For you who is correct? Given the fact that the old model puj was first on the line and the second issue is the passenger preferred to ride the new model puj, which side is correct?

Watch the video by clicking the link below.

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