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Julia Montes Credited “Ikaw Lamang” On Her Career- Know Why?

Kapamilya actress Julia Montes credited “Ikaw Lamang” because it helps her to progress more in her acting career. The actress gives credit to the said serye because it helps a lot to improve further to become a professional actress.

072614_juliaThe 19 year old actress revealed that at first she felt hesitant working with her co-star Coco Martin and Kim Chui knowing that the two are her seniors in the industry.

She also added that she doubt herself if she could equal Coco’s and Kim capabilities in acting at first but as the time goes by this give her a straight motivation to improve and learn more.

But she gives credit to her co-stars because they help her internalize her character as “Mona” wherein she could perform at her best.

During the Friday episode of the show her character as Mona died in front of her husband Samuel played by Coco. Wherein television fans was sadden during that event.

The said happening becomes trending in social media with the hashtag #RIPMona, the netizens praise her ability as an actress, but despite of praises from the fans, other people send their dismay because Julia’s character was killed early in the story.

No reactions heard yet from the staff and crew of the serye about this matter.

Continue watching “Ikaw Lamang” in Primetime Bida, starring Coco Martin, Kim Chui and Jake Cuenca.

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