Beware of this Virus Spreading on Facebook!

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Have you experienced to your Facebook account were chatting you some link inquiring you that you are the owner of a bad video on YouTube if not some of your friends have you observe that?

new virus

Now I tell you don’t ever click it, you will infect by the newest virus that spreading message that can harm to your computer/laptop through your Facebook.

Just ignore that message and don’t reply, we recommend you not to click the link attach to that message or report it as spam. The Facebook administration is still working to remove this spam message and track this kind of virus.

If your computer suffers to this kind of virus, here’s some effective steps to follow to remove the spreading of virus.


  • Clear your browsing history and cookies
  • Scan your computer to your anti-virus scanner to remove the file that contain virus.
  • Delete/uninstall the installer that you download (watch_facebook_video.exe)
  • Look at your browser plug-in list, remove the suspicious plug-in
  • Ask your friend how to 真人麻将游戏平台 remove this kind of virus

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