SOUTH KOREA plans to expand “ADIZ” similar zone to CHINA.


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South Korea plans to expand ADIZ
South Korea plans to expand ADIZ

Last Sunday Pacific Time South Korea announced that they are planning to expand their “ADIZ”  that somehow overlap China’s own zone. Recently tension arises between two nations when China expands their Air Defense Identification Zone near South Korea’s territory two weeks ago.

The said declaration of China’s Adiz expansion leaves Japan and South Korea protest to United Nations.

South Korea plans to expand its own zone which includes their two territorial islands and a submerged rock which also declared  by China as their own. The Defence Ministry of South Korea made it clear to other nations that their actions will not affect the air sovereignty of other neighboring countries.

Defence ministry head of policy Jang Hyuk  told the press that “We believe this will not significantly impact our relationships with China and with Japan as we try to work for peace and cooperation in Northeast Asia’.

“We have explained our position to related countries and overall they are in agreement that this move complies with international regulations and is not an excessive measure,” as an additional statement by Jang Hyuk.

It tends to be unacceptable to South Korea that China includes a maritime rock name Leoda that obviously under the sovereignty of the said nation.

The actions of China does not only alerts South Korea but also here in the Philippines. Speculations arises that the next step of China is to expand its ADIZ in the area were Spartlyz Island’s Located. Considering that these group of islands create tension between China and Philippine because China proclaims that Spartlyz Island is part of their territory. This dispute between the two nations are not yet resolved.

South Korea plans to expand ADIZ

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