Video: The Bibingka Girl With A Great Voice

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This hardworking girl is not only selling a Bibingka, but she’s definitely to be possibly the YouTube sensation next to Charise Pempengco, and the Canadian singer who sings Born This Way by Lady Gaga.

bibingka princess

This girl performs her version of Sayang na 德州扑克 Sayang which originally performed by Aegis.

The girl is selling Bibingka (the native rice cake which traditionally eaten during Christmas) is one of her strategies to attract customers to buy her product. The great thing, at her young age she’s working hard to support her family and of course “Marketing Strategy!”

The video was taken by one of her customers, and was uploaded by Manila Trends on Wednesday, July 24, 2014 in YouTube.

Speaking of Aegis is a band from the Philippines who responsible successful singles ‘Halik,’ ‘Luha,’ and many more. They released 10 albums over its career. And they have a concert in August 3, 11PM at Klownz Comedy Bar, Quezon City.

This video of adorable girl speaks that ‘Hard Work’ and ‘Talent’ is definitely a great combination in business.

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