HOMELESS GUY Graduated as a VALEDICTORIAN “Griffin Furlong” (FULL VIDEO)

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This video will show us how to pursue our dreams no matter what difficulties comes in our life.

He is homeless with his dad and his mom died because of cancer but despite of many obstacles that he and his father are facing he still didn’t give up on his dreams. He always writes ‘NEVER GIVE UP’ under his cap while playing baseball. According to his teachers he is the only student who does all the assignments and in return of being a hardworking student he graduated as a VALEDICTORIAN. As he finish his school all of his teachers we’re shocked because they didn’t knew he was a HOMELESS student from the very start.

This guy is an inspiration for those people who took for granted their passion, their dreams and desire.

This guy also proves that ‘NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE’.


”Keep pursuing your dreams and NEVER EVER GIVE UP.”

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