This Two Legged Chihuahua Had a New Wheels! Respect For Whosever Made This!

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This Chihuahua name is TurboRoo was born without legs in front but he is jolly and happy, but his former breeder surrendered and he is gave by a Ashley Looper, a technician has specialized in animals. Ashley also noticed TorboRoo found very hard to walk without legs in front, and to help him, Ashley made a little cart from the spare parts of unused toys.

After many months, Ashley, found very hard after Turbo grown and the cats she made didn”t keep, so started a campaign to raise donations to support TurboRoo for a new cats. She received many donations from netizens, and she received also a message from Mark Dewrick, a president of 3dyn, a design firm from San Diego California. He gave a cart designed only for TurboRoo.

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