This Two Legged Chihuahua Had a New Wheels! Respect For Whosever Made This!

This Chihuahua name is TurboRoo was born without legs in front but he is jolly and happy, but his former breeder surrendered and he is gave by a Ashley Looper, a technician has specialized in animals. Ashley also noticed TorboRoo found very hard to walk without legs in front, and to help him, Ashley made a little cart from the spare parts of unused toys.

After many months, Ashley, found very hard after Turbo grown and the cats she made didn”t keep, so started a campaign to raise donations to support TurboRoo for a new cats. She received many donations from netizens, and she received also a message from Mark Dewrick, a president of 3dyn, a design firm from San Diego California. He gave a cart designed only for TurboRoo.

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