Full Details of Pacu Fish with Human Teeth (Video)

Have you ever seen fishes with human teeth? Can you dare look at them or worst eat them? Here are two kind of fish with human like teeth. First is Pacu fish, it is a part of the family of carnivorous fish called piranha, however like the piranha with sharp pointy teeth the pacu fish … Read more

Disney Characters Took a Selfie, What's Your reaction Guys?

Have you comes to your mind that what if the famous Disney characters took a selfie, is it possible? Probably not, but not to Simona Bonafiti, an Italian artists who first think that it is very possible all Disney characters can took selfies. She can create anyone she likes! Some more info: Click Here   … Read more

Beware of this Virus Spreading on Facebook!

Have you experienced to your Facebook account were chatting you some link inquiring you that you are the owner of a bad video on YouTube if not some of your friends have you observe that? Now I tell you don’t ever click it, you will infect by the newest virus that spreading message that can … Read more