He Was Bitten By A Snake And Yet He Is Still Laughing!


Did this video surprise you? Or even shock you? I was both surprise and shock while watching this video. I would think that those people who have Ophidiophobia/ophiophobia or in simple language fear of snakes couldn’t take longer to watch this video. Imagine if you are that guy in the video would you dare sit there with the three big snakes or python? I would never do that no matter what they offer.

This guy is amazing and I believe that he handles snake since he was young. As you watch the video it seems like nothing to him. Nothing to him to be bitten the a snake, even though the snake have no fangs, I think it would be still hurt for me, but salute to this guy he is still talking to the camera man even though how many times he was bitten by a snake, not just an ordinary snake but a big snake or python.

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