This Guy Could Stay And Swim In A Freezing Lake For 15 Minutes!


Wim Hof holds twenty world records for longest ice bath. 2008 his previous record world record he stay immersed in a ice cold water for an hour and thirteen minutes and forty-eight seconds in Guinness World Records.

He has the ability to withstand extremely cold temperatures he would able to heat up his self by concentration in his mind. He just wears shorts within two days on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in February 2009. He also climbed Mount Everest just only wearing shorts but he didn’t make it to the summit due to foot injury in 2009. He also completed the marathon above the polar circle in Finland, the temperature is close to -20 degrees Celsius and he also dressed nothing but only shorts. He also broke the record in Tokyo, Japan by immersing his self in the ice for an hour and forty-four minutes. 2011 he broke again his ice record twice.

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