This New Invention Of Pen Could Really Make Our Work Easier,Faster And Reliable!

This invention is really amazing can you ever imagine that this pen is compatible of Mac and windows operating system as well as android phones and tablets and it works by optimal character recognition system.

The optimal character recognition system could able to scan printed text. It really sounds really amazing; you would not able to spend money to scan your works with this highly technology pen. I do not only scan text it has also the ability to transfer it in to your computer via Bluetooth connection.

The C-Pen is very user friendly any text that you scan is fully editable weather you are using the text speech feature or the translation feature. The C-Pen presents today’s students and business professionals with endless possibilities. The C-Pen is easy to use; it is also convenient and reliable for everybody. This innovation of technology nowadays could really make our choirs to be done fast and less effort.

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