Confession of Mich Liggayu on finding ‘Another Source of Love’


The Youtube Sensation JAMICH composed of Mich Liggayu the ex-fiance of Jam Sebastian who passed away last month, and who has been together for seven years finally broke the silence of the hit and trending news about her and Neo Domingo. Due to her recent interview which was posted in Manila Link last April 3, 2015, she admitted that she looked for another ‘source of love’ which he can’t find on Jam as he is lying on his hospital bed fighting for a stage 4 lung cancer.

“I know it doesn’t look right, I know it seems wrong. They say a lot of hurtful things about me like ‘Mich B**ch’, those kinds of stuff. They say I’m a flirt. But they don’t know how difficult it all was for me. It wasn’t my fault I had to look for another source of love which Jam couldn’t give me during those times, ” According to Mich.

   Confession of Mich Liggayu

The rumored news about her and Neo Domingo doesn’t surprised her bashers while Jam is still alive fighting for his life. Instead, it brought anger and guilt to all her fans who supported and showed love and everything they can give to her from the start of her battle telling her she can surpass all things and she can do it for Jam and of course against her bashers.

Mich plead her fans to support her and understand her since she has confirmed the issue. She added ““To my fans, I hope you will just be happy for me. I loved Jam. But that’s in the past now, he’s already in the care of God and His angels. Let’s just be grateful that he’s okay now and I am, too. Someone still loves me. I know Jam would like that”.

The family of  Jam especially his mom Maricar who is now in Hongkong stayed silent and still not send out any comments or affirmation against the said issue. According to her, she will give her side in the right time. Apart from Maricar, the parents of Mich Liggayu is still not giving their statements and is still silent about Mich’s confession.

Confession of Mich Liggayu has been revealed, Watch the video above.

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