Pinay OFW Needs Help “Threatened by Boss’ Son”



There has been lots of viral videos of our fellow OFW asking for our help cause of being ab*sed and har*ssment  in different places and countries. We have another video of a Pinay OFW searching and seeking for help through netizen and social media after being m*lested, threatened and beaten with her employer’s son in Bahrain.

The 28 years old named Abby Luna from Los Banos, Laguna uploaded a video of herself telling what happened to her and what her employer’s son doing to her. She posted the video to call the attention of netizen to help her reach the Philippine Embassy and to save her from another danger her employer’s son may do again.

It was April 8, Wednesday evening when her boss’ son r*ped her and she told everything, every detail on what happened. She even  told her employer yet they rebuke her, scolding why she didn’t told them directly.

She was frightened to tell someone because her employer’s son has been threatening him. To kill her and to bury her in the desert.

Her employers with no consideration let Luna to go home but she needs to wait for 2 months for her to handle the expenses of her ticket since her contract hasn’t done yet.

Abby just can’t take it anymore.She is so afraid. She wants to go home and she posted this video for everyone to know especially those netizens who have seen this video to help her, rescue her and help her reach the Philippine Embassy.


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