Policeman’s Gun Jammed for How Many Times While Exchanging Bullets With Criminals


There were lots of policemen who had surrendered their lives for our country and for fellow Filipino to guide and protect us from bad guys and dangerous happenings. We often call them our heroes for the acts they shared and for fighting for our safety. But what will happen when they don’t have the proper training and the proper guns that is needed in this time.

This video of policemen went viral. The video is clear and we can see that he encountered criminals and was exchanging bullet with them. It can also be seen that the policeman’s gun has jammed for how many times while exchanging bullets with criminals.

Lots has been giving off question that can never be kept in mind, especially in netizen. Should we blame anyone? Should we blame anyone? The policemen for not learning how to use the gun properly? Or the government for not giving and supplying higher class of firearms for policemen?

Watch the Video Below!

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