Senador Jinggoy Estrada Injured Shoulder Need Surgery



Imprisoned Sen. Jinggoy Estrada needs to go through surgery to treat his shoulder injury that has been making and feeling him pain for the last weeks.

Yesterday, Estrada said that he still has to decide after his bail hearing in Sandiganbayan if he will pursue taking the surgical procedure or would just take a therapy.

“Unfortunately my doctor, a shoulder specialist, recommended arthroscopic surgery. But I’m still thinking if I will go for surgery,” Estrada said, saying his thank to  anti-graft court’s Fifth Division for letting him undertake the medical examination last week.


He make clear that his doctors found out that he has a buildup of calcium on his left shoulder, which can cause and is causing him severe pain and should be treated and eliminated in his body.

Estrada who is challenged in facing plunder charges in getting professed involved in the pork barrel scam said, that it is not needed for him to take the surgery if he still can take and resist the pain.

His doctors and physician are telling him to take either surgery of therapeutic treatment but he has to take note that after the surgery he still need to take up therapy sessions. The surgery would take only an hour while theraphy on the other hand will take a lot of time for longer treatments, thrice a week.

“Sometimes when I undergo therapy, the pain is too much when they twist my shoulder,” he added.

Meanwhile, Estrada shut the pork barrel scam whistle-blower Merlina Suñas for professed lying on the witness stand in bail hearing. He also said that all documented and signed papers of all supposed to be involved people in the pork barrel fund scam were forgeries.

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