BREAKING NEWS: Liza Soberano is slowly losing ENDORSEMENT because of the participation to Grabriela’s youth arm forum?


Liza Soberano, the Kapamilya actress is currently being attacked because of her participation at the women’s rights group Gabriela’s youth arm forum where she was allegedly accused as a member of the communist front after her participation to the online seminar.

Liza Soberano as one of the most influential and actress who is well recognized in this generation because of her numerous trending movies, teleseryes and endorser of some biggest brands in the country is one of the guest speakers in Gabriela Youth’s “Tinig ni Nene: Reclaiming Our Voice on the International Day of the Girl Child,” where Soberano, as a “Young Woman Influencer,” talked about “raising awareness and creating a safe environment for young women amid the pandemic.”

Liza Soberano who was afraid to speak her sentiments on the issue stated,“I was afraid that people would judge me. They would say what do I know, I’m just a girl, I’m just an actress,”. Soberano who was seen crying while sharing her sentiments stated, “I fear that my nieces and my future children won’t be able to go out on a safe environment, that’s why I find it so important to start spreading awareness to future generations as early as now so that we can create a better future for everyone”.

On a recent video posted on YouTube, under Showbiz Fanaticz account, he quipped that the actress is deemed to lose her endorsement after the said appearance and after Soberano aired her statement.

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Many is attacking the actress as some claims Soberano represents the communist group. One of the pro admin vlogger Maui Becker boldly tagged Liza Soberano as communist after speaking at Gabriela seminar and shared her response to Liza Soberano participation.

Becker qouted, “Eh ngayon mukhang wala kang alam na ‘yung Gabriela ay salot sa lipunan, miyembro ng mga terorista at komunista, rebelde, NPA, front ng NPA. At wala kang ka ide-ideya. E kung ganyan na wala kang kaalam alam Liza, e manahimik ka. At hands off our children, Liza, you stupid b****,” the vlogger went on. (But right now, it looks like you don’t know that Gabriela is a plague in the society, members of terrorists and communists, rebels, NPA, NPA’s front. You don’t have any idea. If you don’t know anything Liza, just keep silent. And hands off our children, Liza, you stupid b****.)

The actress hasn’t released any official statement addressing the public rage to her participation at Gabriela’s seminar and there is no official statement addressing the rounds of rumor going on social media about the actress losing her endorsement.

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