Filipinos who are experiencing Covid 19 Symptoms for 4 months.


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Long Covid is a situation where a covid patient is suffering symptoms for weeks or even months eventhough the result is already negative .

According to the Infectious Disease expert Dr. Rontgene Solante, San Lazaro hospital is already studying the situation and one out of ten covid patient is suffering from Long covid and usually occur for those 50 years old and above patient .

According to pediatric infectious disease specialist Benjamin Co. there are no records Long covid for kids.

A Filipina named “Andrea” who tested positive Last July and undergo for a repeat test for august and october but still experiencing covid 19 symptoms experienced Cough and fever for the first week and replaced by chest tightness the next week and now experiencing clogged nose .

Another filipina named “Nica” 23 years old and a new graduate who also tested positive for covid 19 last August 7 ,2020 and tested negative after 2 weeks but unfortunately experienced unexplainable symptoms.

Nica said “I felt worse than when I had COVID. My body hurts so much, my joints were so painful, and my body was hurting, I could not get out of bed, I felt like my world was just halted . I’m always out of breath ” .

She already spend alot of money for the test until one doctor said that what she’s experiencing is Long covid.

They are just two (2) out of how many Filipinos who experience Long covid now in the Philippines . Officials are now conducting a study regarding the situation.

If you are experiencing Covid symptoms better to consult a doctor for appropriate action. Stay safe and Follow Health Protocols .

Prevention is better than cure. Health is wealth .

photo credit abscbn

ABS CBN Interview for 2 Filipinas suffering from Long Covid.

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