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Fitness Influencer Dmitriy Stuzhuk, who once told the followers that COVID doesn’t exist, has died of COVID19

Fitness Influencer Dmitriy Stuzhuk, who has more than 1 million followers on Instagram who once told the followers on that COVID doesn’t exist, has died of COVID19. Mr Stuzhuk updated his followers 4days ago about his condition and yesterday his Ex-wife Sofia Stuzhuk who is also a social media influencer confirmed he had passed away due to COVID19.

Mr Stuzhuk updated his followers through his Instagram account last October 15th, where he elaborated how his conditioned have worsened. He wrote, “CORONAVIRUS” COVID”, DAY 8 As you all know from stories, I’m sick with coronavirus.Today, after returning home, the first time there was an enthusiasm to write something. I want to share how sick and convincingly warn everyone: I also thought there was no covid, and it’s all about. Until I got sick myself. COVID-19 THE DISEASE IS NOT EFEMERAL! And heavy.”

With all the experience he had from goin in and out of the hospital, he was very surprised how people was greatly affected with the virus and stated, “NO ONE EVER WARNED ME THIS”. Later on his post, he informed and assured his followers that his condition is stable.

Photo credits to : https://www.instagram.com/DmitriyStuzhuk

His ex-wife and mother to his three children, Sofia, announced his death through her Instagram account informing their followers Mr Stuzhuk had died as his heart couldn’t stand it.

Photo credits to : https://www.instagram.com/Sofia_stuzhuk

As his ex-wife elaborated on her post, Dmitriy Stuzhuk after eight days he was permitted to leave his ward rather than remain in an overcrowded Kyiv hospital, he had been discharged from hospital – but was rushed back and rapidly deteriorated. After a few hours after he was rushed back to hospital Sofia said he was already in a ‘grave condition’ and ‘unconscious’. His death was also due to the complications to his respiratory problems. To his one million subscribers, he appeared super-fit as he promoted sports and healthy living which can be shown on his Instagram posts with his super fit bod.

The couple had three children David, Lola and Olivia. The youngest is just nine months old. They split six months ago after Sofia complained of ‘constant betrayal, cursing, showdown and stress’ but recently said they were back on good terms which can be seen on both their Instagram posts.

While some thought, he wasn’t really being serious about this COVID19 pandemic so this happens, people were sending condolences to the family and sending a messages to everyone to never take the COVID19 so lightly as this is so serious that once it does happen to you, it will cost you your one life and you may no longer have a chance at all.

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