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Sandra Lemonon, who represented Taguig City in the Miss Universe Philippines pageant, found herself among the trending topics on Sunday after she made some post on her Instagram Stories saying that she will be “ announcing big news”

She also posted before airing of the competition the “It’s time to be honest and speak facts”.

There are speculations that the last Instagram post was a response to the  new Miss Universe Philippines Organization National Director Shamcey Supsup . Sandra Lemonon said on her post last Sunday “Accepting defeat graciously is one of many mark (sic) of being a queen. But what you forgot to say is that REAL queens play FAIR don’t CHEAT.”

Now people are waiting for the “big news”  that she will be revealing as to what really happen during the Miss Universe Philippines 2020 however Sandra said on her latest Instagram story that she is simply gathering enough strength and then she will speak up and she is doing this so that the next batch of candidates will not have to undergo what they went through.

“Sometimes you will have to face many hate before people get to understand what really is happening behind the scenes”

Sandra also posted a quote from Martin Luther King “ Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

photo credit : Sandra Lemonon Instagram story

She also posted a screenshot of negative comments abouther with caption “ This is also something  I’d like to put a stop to. People hating/bashing/ going below the belt & thinking that saying any of these malicious comments is okay… nor will they have repercussions”.

photo credit : Sandra Lemonon Instagram story
photo credit : Sandra Lemonon Instagram story

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