Raffy Tulfo to lie low or retire from public service!


Rafael “Raffy” Teshiba Tulfo is a Filipino broadcast journalist whose work focuses on government and private sector issues. Tulfo has a weekday afternoon radio program entitled Wanted sa Radyo on Radyo5 92.3 News FM with Sharee Roman.

The broadcast journalist and TV host confessed that his cardiologist has given him options to either take a break a break for a while or to quit his job entirely and then retire . Tulfo said “I’ll be lying to everyone if I say I don’t get affected by my work,”

“In fact, I’ve been seeing a lot of doctors lately. Most of them are telling me that my work contributes to the stress I’m feeling, I agree with them.”

However Raffy tulfo is also convinced that he is managing health and stress . “It’s because I love my job. If you love it and are passionate about it, you will feel good no matter how complicated or difficult the challenges you face every day are. I believe this lowers the stress level,too,” Tulfo pointed out and then likened his situation to playing basketball.

“ You enjoy playing it even if you know that your body will be aching all over once you’re done with the game. You continue doing it because, in your mind, you know that you’re enjoying it.” He explained. “ My cardiologist, who was able to watch the show, told me that this might have an effect on my heart later on. I said this is the only job I know that also makes me happy.”

Raffy Tulfo had been involved with public service for 20 years now. He also remember why he’s always too eager to serve the people who come to him for help. “ I came from a middle-class family. I had nine other siblings. I would always borrow clothes from my brothers because I don’t have that much money. My relatives- aunts,uncles,cousins- would often times give me money, too. I told myself, when I grow up and have finally become financially independent I would repay all of them by also giving to those who are in need,” Raffy Tulfo said.

“I have no other reason for doing it. I’m not giving you a show biz answer. I’m into public service to share my blessings. It feels good to be able to receive help, but it’s more fulfilling if you’re the one giving it,” Raffy Tulfo added.

Raffy Tulfo also advice those person who are interested in pursuing broadcasting and journalism today, he said “ In order for you to be successful in this field, you need two things: No.1, credibility. Your followers have to be able to trust you. No.2, dedication. I always say, ‘Love your work so your work will love you back.’ You will not become successful if you will treat this as an 8-to-5 kind of job, or if you keep looking at your watch and leave as soon as your time is up. You have to have heart, not just in doing media work but in any kind of job.”

Raffy Tulfo also said that he has fair share of bashers, too. “They get angry with me because they don’t like how I’m tackling the case they’re involved in.” Raffy Tulfo explained. “I’m used to dealing with them- the’re part of the job.”

Raffy Tulfo also said that he drew the line at tackling two things in his program: first, politics and, second, land disputes. “ We don’t want to be used by politicians to promote themselves. Also, we don’t want to dip our figures into quarrels related to land or properties. These are often never ending. These cases would sometimes get transferred to the hands of grandchildren,”. Raffy Tulfo explained.

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