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Watch: Kindhearted Student Who Took Care His Sick Teacher, Earn Praise & Finacial Aid From Raffy Tulfo

Being kind and generous to someone whom not your relative is common trait and built in character you would see and notice to Filipino community

In the latest uploaded episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action program we will witness the story of a certain student named Marlon Cortes Jr. that in behalf of his financial incapability he kindfully took the responsibility of taking care of his sick and bedridden teacher named Ma. Nadia Reyes

Meanwhile in the video, teacher Reyes emotionally expresses her sincere thanks to Cortes for taking care of her and giving her compassion

Seeing the video, the king of public service Raffy Tulfo pierce his hearth and praise Cortes for having a benevolent hearth and promise to send 100K financial assistance for him and Reyes

Tulfo then asked Cortes “Bakit niyo pong naisipan inilapit si Maam Nadia samin?”

(“Why have you decided to approach us with regards to situation of Maam Nadia?”)

Cortes answered “Subrang Awa na kasi ako idol (Raffy Tulfo), parihos naman kaming walang wala. Kaya sinubukang kung lumapit sa inyo”

(“I hearthfully pity her situation idol (Raffy Tulfo), we are the same who finacially incapable. That’s why I tried to approach on your station”)

Please watch the video for more details

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