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President Aquino Last-Minute Appeal To Mary Jane Velloso’s Death Row

Mary Jane Velloso’s death row has been reprieved by the Indonesian Government. Almost every Filipino is so happy for the news yet questioning what had really happened. What we don’t know is that President Aquino has made his last-minute plead to Indonesian President Joko Widodo that made the agreement broke.

Cabinet Secretary Rene Almendras said President Aquino approached the Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi in person after their meeting in Langkawi, Indonesia on Tuesday where they talk about Maria Kristina P. Sergio, Mary Jane’s recruiter act of surrendering.

Secretary Almendras also said that President Aquino broke the protocol when he talked to Marsudi.

“The normal protocol to set up a conversation between two presidents is the minister of foreign affairs, talks to the other minister of foreign affairs. They discuss, they agree and then the call between the two presidents is arranged,” he said.

President Aquino insisted to talk to the foreign minister when secretary was about to call Marsudi.

Accordind to Almendras, “The President sort of breaking protocol and said: ‘No, I will talk to her.’ It was the President himself who talked to the Indonesian foreign minister. The Indonesian foreign minister was quite surprised because normally, that is not done. When the President did that, she promised: ‘Yes, Mr. President. I will immediately relay your message to both the president and to whoever else needs to know in Jakarta,'”

The thing here is that Mary Jane has been spared from the execution and what President Aquino did in his last-appeal has saved life of a mother with two children.

However, Filipinos are so grateful for the response and for sparing Mary Jane’s death row.

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