Bea Rose Santiago is the Philippine representative to the 53rd Miss International in Japan


bea rose santiago
bea rose santiago
Bea Rose Santiago: , “I’m not going there as Bea Santiago, I’m going there as Miss Philippines. And if I win or make it, that would bring happiness this Christmas.”
by The Undercover

Today, December 6 is the departure of Ms. Philippines-International Bea Rose Santiago to Tokyo, Japan.

The 53rd Miss International will be held in Japan, where the 22-year-old beauty queen Bea Rose Santiago from Masbate is the representative the Philippines.

On Wednesday, January 4, a press conference had been send-off for Bea in Sachi Restaurant, in Araneta Complex, Cubao, Quezon City.

Bea stated in his speech, “It’s been an overwhelming year for me, coming from a different country…

“I spent half of my life before coming here.

“I found my country, my family, my friends here.

“I will never leave the Philippines again.

“This is my new world and, again, thank you for everything.”

Bea was born in Masbate, but here parents took him to Canada when she was 15 years old.

He became the model for Elite Model Management there, and became the representative of the Filipino community in Miss Philippines Canada 2011.

He claimed that for those who want to know him more, the beauty queen said:

“Bea is someone who half-spent her life in the province and in Canada.

“So I spent both worlds, so I have the probinsiyana and the city girl. And it’s my first year here in Manila.

“And maybe not a lot of people know na I can speak a lot of languages—like I can speak Bisaya, Tagalog, and English.

“And also Masbateño, Ilonggo, and Bicolano. And sometimes Waray, ‘coz it’s very close to Masbate.

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