“Commissioner Kim Henares rejects the suggestion that Pacman will be tax exempted”


HENARESBIR and Saranggani Representative Manny Pacquiao are now in state of silence after the Court of Tax Appeals issued a gag order last December 5, 2013.

Judge Roman Del Rosario of the First Division of CTA, states that both sides must stop giving any side comments about the issue, to avoid bad opinion generated from the public against the boxing icon.

The issue start’s when BIR freezes the bank accounts of Manny Pacquiao and her wife Jinkee Pacquiao because the unpaid tax of the people’s champ from 2008 to 2009 is amounting to 2.2 billion pesos.

The issue regarding tax exemption, leave the side of the Saranggani Representative silent for the mean time, but Valenzuela Representative Magtanggol Gunigundo already pass a resolution to the Congress stating the Pacman must be exempted from paying tax for a lifetime. Gunigundo reason is that Pacman has already given honor to the country and added that The government has the power of taxation then logically it has the power to exempt.

The House Bill 3521 or “Pacquiao Act of 2013,” states the the boxing icon is exempted from paying taxes from its income from boxing matches, endorsements, movies and concerts.

But the corporation owned and management by Pacquiao is not exempted to pay taxes.


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