LONGEST GOAL IN FOOTBALL Scored by a goal keeper “Asmir Begovic” How did he do it? (WATCH VIDEO)



The goalkeeper of Stoke Asmir Begovic scored a amazing goal against their opponent Southhampton and that goal is now the LONGEST GOAL in football history.


In Britannia Stadium last November Begovic scored a remarkable goal just within 13 seconds into the English Premier League Clash.


The Guinness World Record recognized the 91.9-Metre goal as the “LONGEST GOAL IN THE FOOTBALL.’’

Begovic state in their Club official Website that he feel amazing to be honored in this way and as a GOALKEEPER. He didn’t expect that to happen, not in that type of record. He added that he will take it and enjoy it.

He also said that he really appreciate the award and the certificate and will take pride of place in the wall of his home.

Begovic thanks everyone at the Guinness World Records for presenting him with the wonderful award which is the longest goal in the history of football.

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