LONGEST GOAL IN FOOTBALL Scored by a goal keeper “Asmir Begovic” How did he do it? (WATCH VIDEO)

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaAYvgREjlQ[/youtube] The goalkeeper of Stoke Asmir Begovic scored a amazing goal against their opponent Southhampton and that goal is now the LONGEST GOAL in football history. In Britannia Stadium last November Begovic scored a remarkable goal just within 13 seconds into the English Premier League Clash. The Guinness World Record recognized the 91.9-Metre goal as … Read more

Watch this video without CRYING, (INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO)

Can you watch this video without crying? I dare myself too before watching this video but I fail. This video will tell us the Faith in Humanity is restored. We watch news in the TV and it is all crimes, like kidnapping, killing, bombing in some countries, poverty increase and it’s just all about the … Read more