Watch this video without CRYING, (INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO)


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Can you watch this video without crying? I dare myself too before watching this video but I fail. This video will tell us the Faith in Humanity is restored. We watch news in the TV and it is all crimes, like kidnapping, killing, bombing in some countries, poverty increase and it’s just all about the economical crisis of each country, Which make us believe that there is no chance of having a World Peace. Watching TV is our daily routine some people if they can’t watch TV their day won’t be complete and it is just the same thing is shown in the news.

But can we take a break with this? If we imagine that if we’re given a chance for one day without any crimes, violence, and all things that could ruined our day and even our life, what could happen? I think it will be the best day. “IF GIVEN A CHANCE” that everybody could unite in just one day forget about all the RACISM, and it will be a wonderful day. Like this video, as we watch this kind of video we  felt different emotions and also to religions like Christians, Muslims and all other religions in the world, what if one day they all will be talking to each other and show love and respect to their own belief that could be much more wonderful and peaceful as its sounds. If we could imagine a world without war and violence for one day I would name that day as a NATURE’S DAY. If all people would imagine this for just one day, I would name this day as a DAY OF SMILES and HAPPINESS. No matter what color we are, we could still make peace in ourselves. Just keep on this imagination and just simply give and love.


As I watch this video my tears just keep on pouring but as my tears fall down I felt happy. 

If you are watching this video, It is only a reminder that there’s still hope for Peace, Happiness, Togetherness, Sportsmanship, and of course the most important thing is UNDERSTANDING. If you could understand any situations, or people around you, then you are PEACE.

-Frejie Floyd Alexis Yanson

God Bless!

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