Full Details of Pacu Fish with Human Teeth (Video)


Have you ever seen fishes with human teeth? Can you dare look at them or worst eat them? Here are two kind of fish with human like teeth.

First is Pacu fish, it is a part of the family of carnivorous fish called piranha, however like the piranha with sharp pointy teeth the pacu fish is different. Pacu is omnivorous with much squarer and straighter teeth like us.

It can be found in some rivers or streams in Amazon and Orinoco River. It usually use his mind to squash coconut, fruits or some vegetables. Somehow it eats other fishes and invertebrates.

Watch the Video Below!


They are sometimes called “Ball-cutter” for cutting out and for eating the testicles of male swimmers thinking it is some kind of vegetable or fruit.

When you got bitten with Pacu it will be needing surgeries but unlike the piranha they are not that aggressive and although it’s legal to own a pacu, most of them grows up to 4 feet long and won’t fit in their tanks anymore.

The second is sheepshead with a human like teeth and can eat a lot of omnivorous food. They have strong and like the heavy grinder that can crush shells.


They have the white and black bands that run downs in it’s body and and so are called convict fish. See full Details of Pacu Fish with Human Teeth.

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