Premature Little Audrey Jean ‘Miracle Baby’ of 15 Weeks Survived


Babies born premature in the world has been increasing and is now in an alarming rate. There are babies who made it and survived and those are so blessed and called ‘miracle babies.’

Audrey Jean Diehl, a premature baby born in 15 weeks instead of 25 weeks pregnancy cause of severe pre-eclampsia and severe IGUR (intrauterine growth retardation). Audrey weighs 12 ounces (350 grams) and 10 inches of length. The doctors has been telling the parents that the baby could not make it and the chance of survival is not much but the guardian of this angel did not give up they continued and they never given up the idea that Audrey can make it like those premature babies who have  survive and made it. There are no parents who want their child to suffer. Audrey’s parent patiently looks after her everyday. The unconditional love her parents continuously showing despite of the battle is what she needs. Her parents are ready and are present towards everything. The support, care, love and everything are what keeps them and baby Audrey to hold on and will get better soon. They even made and put some banner with the word “BELIEVE” hoping that this miracle baby can make it.


Baby Audrey Jean Breathing and Opening Her Eyes! Watch Below!

In this video this shows how baby Audrey breathes and open her eyes. It also opens the eyes of people seeing her fighting this battle and melts every heart. She is such a beautiful angel that can bring tears and hope to every person no matter what the situation is.

Time passes by baby Audrey starts to get better and her mom can now cuddle her and skin is not that pale. They can even put some clothes in her now. She is really showing a good and somehow fast recovery. Doctors said after 93 days they can get their baby Audrey healthy and take it home.

This battle is tremendous and tough but Audrey is a magnificent fighter. All medical equipment has helped her. In God’s grace, mercy and guidance baby Audrey will make it. She is an angel proving that miracles do happen. Premature Little Audrey Jean ‘Miracle Baby’ of 15 Weeks Survived.


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