VIDEO: Sarah Atwell With a Misshaped Face Went Through A Life-Changing Surgery



One of the common problems on the society and in the whole world is how we define “beauty” and started making out standards base in the world. Here is a video and a story of a girl named Sarah Atwell with a ‘misshaped’ face went through a life-changing surgery. This is worth your attention.

‘Neurofibromatosis.’ a disease that hit Sarah Atwell. It is a genetic disorder of the nervous system. This mostly affect how our nerve cells grows and forms. This causes the tumors to grow in your nerves. You can get this disease from your parents or it might happen because of the alteration in your genes. When you have this disease, your children or your coming generation can also get this disease. Normally the tumors are gentle, but they can also be cancers.

Sarah Atwell a bullied teen with half face has life changing surgery. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!

According to the Daily Mail Website as they called the teenager star of the Girl with a half face went through surgery to make a difference and change her appearance. From Nova, Scotia, Canada, Sarah Atwell, 17 years old was distinguished having neurofibromatosis at 8 months old, a situation and condition that has caused a big tumor that devour the right side of her face.

She has been bullied in her whole life, originally became famous in 2012 after posting a video in Facebook with the purpose and which she said her intention is to live a happy life no matter what her bullies may said or have said.

‘I have a tumor, that’s all. . . I wish people could understand there is nothing wrong with me. Another reads: ‘I get called names all the time. . . B*tch, slut, fat face, fat, ugly – it hurts.” Sarah said.

‘Maybe one day the bullying will stop, but until then I’m going to be STRONG,’ this can be seen in the last part of her video. The video and it’s impact has shocked her and what she could not comprehend and imagined.

This is a heartbreaking video. Even in our darkest and in the up-side-down in our life and living our life to the fullest needs determination and courage to stand still. It is not easy but when we fought just like her the best things are about to come.

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