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VIRAL NOW: Alleged Controversial Video Of “Leng Altura” Surfaces Online

Viral now in social media is the latest controversial video of social media influencer “Leng Altura”.

Leng is considered to be a famous name in online world and idolized by many.

According to rumors she is engaged in a video wherein she is conducting a carnal knowledge with other man.

(Sorry we cannot post the video in line with Google community policies).

Leng makes news on social media after accepted a modeling job with a tag line Kain Pepe, many netizens lambasted the said post because of its influence in younger generations.

After what happened she admits and issued an apology to her fans and followers in social media.

Meanwhile as part of our concern to women out there please do not agree if you partner whats to take a video of you because you will regret it on the end.

As of now Leng does not issued a statement to confirm if she is the one in the video.

It is remembered that there are so many celebrities becomes a victim of this brutal and shameful act done by a certain individual.

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