Japan Invented a Robot Suit That Can Give You Superpowers! Awesome!

Technology 德克萨斯扑克在线 is very wide today, you can see it anywhere, and now Japan already invented a Robot Suit that anyone given a unique strength. Whoever wears the suit is can lift up any object effortlessly. Company in Japan aims to help the medicine in the healing of patients especially the elders who suffers from … Read more

Jet Li’s fight against “Hyperthyroidism”

Once again the Asian Action Star Jet Li faces another challenge in his life and career fighting hyperthyroidism. He is diagnose with that ailment and discussed during the taping of one of a talent show which he is one of the judge. According to the 50 year old actor “”I’m fat, I don’t have the … Read more

Walking lowers risk of Strokes to Women

Studies shows at least three hours every week of walking may lower the percentage of stroke to Women compared to other female that does not walk at all.  José María Huerta of the Murcia Regional Health Authority in Spain stated that engaging in moderate recreational activity like walking is good for our body.Women who walks … Read more

Healing Wonders of Herbabuwena ” Peppermint”

Research shows that  peppermint or  “herbabuwena” in Filipino are good for our body.This ancient herb is considered to be one of the best herbal medicine use to cure many diseases. The oil extracted from this herb  contains a host compounds, but the most useful part use for healing is “Menthol” from its leaves. Studies revealed that … Read more